Histology lab slides

Teased (separated) smooth muscle cells

teased (separated) smooth muscle cells


Skeletal muscle with striations

striated muscle (blue fluorescent imaging)


Stratified squamous epithelial tissue (bottom) with connective tissue (top)

stratified squamous epithelium (bottom right of tissue sample)


Spongy bone under red fluorescence

spongy bone under red fluorescence


Skeletal muscle with striationsskeletal (striated) muscle


Simple squamous epithelium (layer at very top of tissue)

simple squamous epithelium (layer at very top of tissue)-1

Simple ciliated columnar epithelium (upper respiratory tract, uterine ducts …)simple ciliated columnar epithelium


Sickle cell anaemia red blood cell sample

Sickle Cell Anaemia (labelled)


Reticular tissue – network of support fibres for lymphatic system, found in lymph nodes, spleen, thymus and bone marrow.

reticular tissue


Psuedo-stratified columnar epithelium (fluorescent).

pseudostratified columnar epithelium (fluorescent)


Multipolar neurons (one axon, many dendrites)

multipolar neurons (high power)


Mammal motor nerve cells (yellow fluorescent imaging)

mammal motor nerve cells (yellow fluorescent imaging)


Intact smooth muscle.

intact smooth muscle


Hyaline cartilage

hyaline cartilage-1


Human adipose tissue

human adipose tissue


Fibrous (dense) connective tissue tissue – notice the wavy pattern of the collagen.  Tendons and ligaments.

fibrous (dense) connective


Elastic tissue – found on the wall of the aorta, for example, to provide recoil.  Also found in other arteries and in the lungs.

elastic tissue


Elastic cartilage – contains elastic fibres instead of collagen.  Found in external ear, auditory tubes and the larynx.

elastic cartilage


Cuboidal epithelium – single layer of cells.  Found lining nephrons of the kidneys.   Also found in glandular ducts, ovaries, thyroid gland and repiratory bronchioles.

cuboidal epithelium-1


Cooleys (Thalassemia) anaemic blood.  Note the clear blood cells.  A genetic disorder, the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin.

Cooleys anaemic blood (labelled)


Compact bone

compact bonecompact bone with labelled structures under yellow fluorescence


Ciliated columnar epithelium

ciliated columnar epithelium


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

chronic lymphocytic leukemia


Cardiac muscle

cardiac muscle


Cancellous (spongy) bone

cancellous (spongy) bone


Brown adipose tissue – each cell contains small lipid droplets and a high number of iron containing mitochondria.  Generates heat by burning calories.  Newborns do not shiver with cold because they have their brown adipose tissue levels are higher than adults.

brown adipose tissue


Blood smear with eosinophil

Blood smear with eosinophil


Blood showing various cell types

blood showing various cell types-1


Areolar tissue (loose connective tissue with collagen and fibroblasts)

areolar tissue