Histology lab slides

teased (separated) smooth muscle cellsstriated muscle (blue fluorescent imaging)stratified squamous epithelium (bottom right of tissue sample)spongy bone under red fluorescenceskeletal (striated) musclesimple squamous epithelium (layer at very top of tissue)-1simple ciliated columnar epitheliumSickle Cell Anaemia (labelled)reticular tissuepseudostratified columnar epithelium (fluorescent)multipolar neurons (high power)mammal motor nerve cells (yellow fluorescent imaging)intact smooth musclehyaline cartilage-1human adipose tissuefibrous (dense) connectiveelastic tissueelastic cartilagecuboidal epithelium-1Cooleys anaemic blood (labelled)compact bonecompact bone with labelled structures under yellow fluorescenceciliated columnar epitheliumchronic lymphocytic leukemiacardiac musclecancellous (spongy) bonebrown adipose tissueBlood smear with eosinophilblood showing various cell types-1areolar tissueIMG_0363IMG_0359IMG_0355IMG_0352IMG_0348IMG_0344