Welcome to Biology and A&P

Welcome wonderful students to Biology 1200, and Biology 1120.  The courses are currently online, it is a learning curve for all of us to attend an online course, and I am confident that you will all be successful given this format.  Keep watching for updates, particularly on the day of class.

You will do most of your learning during class time.  Lectures and activities will be on zoom, and a chat site.  There will be some readings, and the normal take home assignments for each course.

This site is where you can

  1. Find the schedule for each class.
  2. View or download the course calendar and course outline.
  3. View PDF files of lectures
  4. Find copies of assignments.

Extra help at the learning centre:  Learning Centre Sept2020

Special welcome letter from VCC: Welcome Letter Sept 2020

Face-to-face protocol for in-class (some labs/exams): Science student protocols Sept 2020

This pre-screening questionnaire must be completed before attending any face-to-face labs and/or exams:

About mariagabrielletamara

I am a biology instructor full-time, and love every minute of teaching. I also have a bunch of activities that keep me out of trouble. A jazz band in which I play drums and sing. I lead a ukulele circle. I make pottery. I made a documentary called Flying Dinosaurs in the City. I also play beach volleyball, and dance (sometimes teach) swing dancing. I have a boat - 12 foot inflatable - and am currently exploring the Fraser River.
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