Biology 1120

Course Outline:


Course calendar:

1120 calendar update sept 27

Learning Objectives:

1120 LO 2022

Colouring Book Assignment.  Start with pages 1-14: intro, biochem and cells.  Then, as we go through the nervous system, colour pages 68-99.  The last section to colour is pages 149-162.  This is an excellent way to complement the course material, so try to colour the topic pages we are doing in class.  The book will be due April 11 2022.

Videos of the lectures for the term can be found at my YouTube channel:

Videos of lab demonstrations can be found here:

PDF of the lab manual:


PDF lectures and chapter summaries (below each lecture) (these are from Saladin)

1120 Chapter 1 – Themes and history of A&P


1120 Chapter 2 – Chemistry part 1


1120 Chapter 2 – Chemistry part 2 – water

1120 Chapter 2 – Chemistry part III & IV

Chapter 2 chemistry summary

Atlas (a)

Chapter 3 – Cells


Chapter 4 – Genetics and Cell Function


1120 Chapter 5 – Histology Part 1-3

Chapter 5 – Histology – junctions to lacerations (end of chapter)

1120 Chapter 5 – Histology complete chapter


1120 Chapter 14 – The Brain


Chapter 12 – Nervous Tissue


Chapter 13 – Spinal Cord


Chapter 15 – Autonomic Nervous System


Chapter 16 – Senses


Chapter 17 – Endocrine


Chapter 27 – Male Reproductive System


Chapter 28 – Female Reproductive System


Chapter 29 – Development


chapt29_lecture[1] PDF six slides per page


2 Responses to Biology 1120

  1. Sogol says:

    Hi, I’m a student from your 1120 BIO class. I tried to access the “PDF lectures and chapter summaries (below each lecture) (these are from Saladin),” but was unable because a popup asks for a password which I have not been given yet.

    If you could provide that password, that would great!

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