Biology 0861

Course Outline

0861 course outline winter 2020

Course Calendar

0861 calendar jan-feb 2020

0861 COURSE MANUAL:  The manual is a comprehensive document for the course, including:

  • Learning Objectives for the course
  • Labs to be done in class
  • Field trip information and activities
  • In class activities

Please download it here:

Biology 11 manual – June 2019



1_introduction science biology levels sci method Ch. 1

2_ecology Ch 3

3_energy & nutrients Ch. 3

4_Community – Ch 4

5_Biosphere Biomes Ch. 4

6_Biogeoclimatic Zones

7_succession bogs Ch 4

8_Population ecology2 Ch6

9_Forests and logging b.c.

9.5_world forests

10_Amazon flooded forest

11_marine mammals

12_aquatic ecology Ch4

13_pond life

14_evolution classification Ch15:17

15_natural selection microevolution Ch16

15.1 earth history and macroevolution Ch 17

15.2 diversity life evolution classification

16_microbiology Ch19

16.5_protists Ch 20

17_fungi lecture Ch21

primary production lecture