1100 Extras

Here are some worksheets, activities, and extra information sheets on various topics. I will only assign some of them in class, and give people copies if required. They aren’t in a format for completing electronically, but instead of printing them out, you could take some notes or try to do them in your head.

Genetics: monohybrid and dihybrid cross practice

Genetics: Punnet square exercise

Animals: animal evolution and transitions information

Animals: animal phylogeny, sea star and sponge anatomy figures

Plants: unscramble words exercise

Plants: plant phylogeny and life cycles figures

Plants: Wood growth worksheet

Invertebrates: seashore life at Lighthouse Park figures

Aquarium wet lab inverts worksheets

How to write a scientific report

Sample lab report

Continental drift figure

Fungi: mushroom information and identification key

Population ecology: mark recapture exercise

Ecosystems: limnology figures

Ecology: freshwater food web exercise

Ecosystems: carbon cycle fill in blanks

Ecology: primary succession figure

Ecology: CWH rainforest succession figure

Community ecology: Interactions matching exercise

Ecosystems: ecosystem with and without sea otters figure

Evolution/conservation: stickleback info brochure

Ecology: fill in definitions

Community ecology: food web worksheet

Community ecology: food chain exercise

Field trips: plant species at Lighthouse Park

Field trips: wildlife tree scavenger hunt & assessment card

Field trips: Explore the Rocky Shore at Stanley Park field guide

Field trips:  Intertidal at Figurehead Point in Stanley Park Assignment

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