1100 Daily Schedules


Week 1 – Sept 8/9

Week 2 – Sept 13/15/16

Week 3 – Sept 20/22/23

Week 4 – Sept 27/28/29

Week 5 – Oct 4/6/7

Week 6 – Oct 11/13/14

Week 7 – Oct 18/20/21

Week 8 – Oct 25/27/28

Week 9 – Nov 1/3/4

Week 10 – Nov 8/9/11

Week 11 – Nov 15/17/18

Week 12 – Nov 22/24/25

Week 13 – Nov 29/Dec 1/2

Week 14 – Dec 6/8/9

Week 14

Week 14 – Day 1

(Ch. 34) – Mammals – primates – humans

Svaante Paabo – DNA clues to our inner Neanderthal

Week 14 – Day 2

Student term project presentations

Week 13

Week 13 – Days 1-3

This week has become what is known in pedagogical terms as asynchronous.  In other words you will do some activities on your own, at some point before Wednesday’s class.

In order to study the evolution of primates, including humans, we are looking at two episodes of David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals.

The first is called “Life in the Trees.”  I’d like you to start with this one. Use this worksheet:

 You can find the documentary at:

The second is called: Social climbing. Use this worksheet:

The documentary will be shown during class time.

Exercise: each student took notes on a few animals in the film, then on Jamboard entered data on each primate. Then the class sorted the data into categories that have similarities among all the primates, and require socialization and a large brain.

Week 12

Week 12 – Day 1

Morphological and biological species concepts activity

Chapter 25 – History of life – David Attenborough series

Week 12 – Day 2


Flies lab

Week 12 – Day 3

Chapter 26 – Phylogeny and systematics

Week 11

Week 11 – Day 1

Ch 23. Evolution of Populations

Week 11 – Day 2

Week 11 – Day 3

Evolution of populations/ Ch 24 Origin of Species

Week 10

Week 10 – Day 1

Ch 22. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life (film)

Statistics and term project check in

Week 10 – Day 2

Quiz 2 – VCC

Lab experiment at VCC.

Week 10 – Day 3

Remembrance Day – no class today

Midterm and fruitfly experiments (both are online)

Week 9

Week 9 – Day 1

Chapter 14 – Mendel and the gene idea

Reviewed Mendelian genetics with Hank Green on Crash Course:

Worksheet for Heredity:

Pedigrees: starring the Amoeba Sisters:

Pedigree worksheet:

Learning centre genetics problems

Week 9 – Day 2

November 3 2021 – college closed for VCC day

Week 9 – Day 3

Meiosis and chromosomal inheritance.

Non-mendelian inheritance and chromosomal theory of inheritance review (with practice problems):

Khan academy link

Week 8

Week 8 – Day 1

Watch population ecology videos 1-3.

Population ecology

Experimental design and statistics

Week 8 – Day 2

Lab at VCC – Animal behaviour and experimental design

Please read the site access form and let me know if you answer yes to any questions. Thanks!


Week 8 – Day 3

Designing an experiment, equipment available

Population Ecology continued

Week 7

Week 7 – Day 1

Ecosystems – lecture

TALKS this week:

Week 7 – Day 2

Energy acquisition lab: https://mariabiocourses.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/bio1100-activity-guide-06fall-1.pdf

Week 7 – Day 3

Animal behaviour

Week 6

Week 6 – Day 1 (Wed)

Watch the Community Ecology lectures 1-3 for this week

Midterm 1 – at VCC room 3275

Week 6 – Day 2

Interactions activity:

Rainforest video,

Succession activity

Food web activity:

Introduced species (Video)

Week 5

Week 5 – Day 1 (Oct 4)

This week: watch lectures: Ch 50 Ecology and the biosphere 1, and Ch 50 Biomes

Subject: Ecology and the Biosphere

Ecology terminology:

British Columbia biogeoclimatic discussion

Exercise: Choose a biome & present

Film: Freshwater (Planet Earth)

Week 5 – Day 2 (Oct 6)

We will be at VCC, room 3275:

Quiz 1 – microscopes/prokaryotes, protist lab, invertebrate lab

Vertebrate lab: foetal pig dissection, lancelets

Lancelet lab

Week 5 – Day 3

Please watch community ecology lectures 1-3 for next week.

Community Ecology

Leafcutter ants video

Wolves at Yellowstone introduction.

Deer and wolf introduction exercise:

Week 4

Week 4 – Day 1

Watch two lectures: Ch 34 vertebrates fishes, Ch 34 vertebrates amphibians reptiles birds

Chapter 34: Vertebrates

Week 4 – Day 2

Chapter 34: Vertebrates

Film: Life of Mammals

Film: Flying Dinosaurs in the City


Week 3

Week 3 – Day 1

Please watch invertebrate lectures: Ch 33 invertebrates 1, Ch 33 seastars

Invertebrate project.

Week 3 – Day 2

Invertebrate lab

Week 3 – Day 3


Blue Planet: The Deep – from invertebrates to vertebrates. Here is a worksheet for the film:

Week 2

Week 2 – Day 1 (Monday September 13)

Harvard video of evolving bacteria

Short film on antibiotics

Crossword puzzle

Passcode is: biodiversity

Student investigation into bacteria applications.

Please watch the Protist Lecture: Chapter 28 – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3eh3yRNbgJ9IqjJKn9Fz_wa3b8vEwHAm

Week 2 – Day 2

Protist lab:

Week 2 – Day 3

Tidal seas video. Please download the worksheet:

Week 1

Week 1 – Day 1

Introductions – how to use zoom, icebreaker.


Lecture: Chapter 1 – Exploring Life

Activity on Zoom: Using this dichotomous key, we will connect with the VCC lab, and identify animal phyla and class.

This activity guide will be used throughout the course. You can download it into a folder on your computer.

Film (next week): Blue Planet: Tidal Seas (I will show on zoom screen share). It’s good if you can have a fairly large screen, your desktop computer or a laptop to view videos. If you can, connect your computer to your TV.

Here is a worksheet you can download and fill out (it is a word document). I will assign questions to individual students when we watch the film.

Week 1 – Day 2

LABS: This year, because of Covid, we are taking extra precautions at the college to conduct labs and/or in class exams. Please wear a mask (they will not be provided), and bring your own goggles (available at the bookstore – they will mail them to you). Read the pre-screening questionnaire on the home page, and let me know via email (mariacoho@telus.net) whether you answered yes to any of the questions.

Microscope and Bacteriology lab

Here are scanned copies of the labs to bring with you. Also, please bring goggles. If you are unable to make it, then text me and I will start a zoom or FaceTime so you can watch parts of the lab from home. I will make sure that you get all the information you need even if you don’t attend the lab.

The lab went very well on September 9, 2021 at Vancouver Community College. The stations were distanced and had students had everything they needed at their station. Also, the demonstrations of microscope use, slide preparation, and culture collections went swimmingly – thank you Hilary!

Here is a file with a summary of the lab, student image submissions, and resources for you to become more familiar with all aspects of this lab, in particular videos produced by our own amazing lab staff, Robyn Wood, Hilary Brown and Klaudia Jurkemik.

I will update this summary with pictures taken by this term’s (fall 2021) group.

Watch the Prokaryote lecture at:

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3eh3yRNbgJ9IqjJKn9Fz_wa3b8vEwHAm