Anatomy & Physiology – BIOL 1120 – Daily Schedules

Week 4 – Day 1

Histology Lecture on Zoom.

Practice quiz

Week 4 – Day 2

Topic: Histology

Week 4 – Day 3

Lab quiz 1 – orientation lab, microscope lab, cells lab

Histology lab

Week 3 – Day1

Microscope lab review

Chapter 2 – chemistry lecture – energy, chemical reactions, organic compounds

Nutrition knowledge check

Crossword puzzle

Week 3 – Day 2

Chapter 3 – Cell structure and function lecture

Bioflix films: membrane transport and tour of an animal cell

Online annotation quizzes

Week 3 – Day 3

Lab: cells – please make sure to review the assessment, and if you answer yes to any of the questions, email me at Wear a mask. Bring your lab manual, goggles, and pen/pencil and paper.

Week 2 – Day 1

Chapter 1 – Part 4 lecture – Human structure

Chemistry demonstration

Chapter 2 – Chemistry lecture – atoms, ions and molecules

Hemoglobin video

Backchannel chat for activities and questions

Week 2 – Day 2

Mnemonics exercise

Vaccine video (the video is not available online).

Free radicals and antioxidants video

Chapter 2 – Chemistry lecture – water and mixtures

Capillary action demonstration: flower & dye. Acid base reaction demonstration: dancing raisins.

Week 2 – Day 3

MICROSCOPE LAB. This lab will take place at VCC.

Here are the manual pages to bring with you, as well as pencil/pen and paper for drawings:

Please read face-to-face protocols:

Before you can go into the college, you have to read this access questionnaire, and if you answer yes to any of the questions, email me at

Week 1 Day 1

Introductions, zoom directions, icebreaker – on zoom beginning at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday September 9:

Chapter 1 lecture: introduction to anatomy and physiology; history of medicine. You can find the lecture and a summary under the Biol 1120 tab. I will show the lecture on the screen, and write some notes you will want to write down as we go along.

Videos: 1) human body systems

2) vaccines, 3) leeches

The videos will have short questions to answer.

Week 1 Day 2

Chapter 1 lecture: scientific method, human origins and adaptations

Lab: Orientation lab. This lab is about terminology describing direction and areas of the body. For example, supine (facing upwards), and epigastric region (one of 9 regions).

Please download the lab here. Watch this YouTube video to learn the terminology for anatomical orientation.

And this YouTube for abdominal quadrants and regions:

Answer key for the orientation lab (excluding dental terms – won’t be tested):

For future labs, you should get the lab manual, and the colouring book from the bookstore: